deadmau5 surprised us all when he enlisted Lights to transform one of his fan favorite IDs, “Midas Heel,” for release. What came of the production was “Drama Free” and we were all pleasantly surprised with the collaboration.

Some of the nuances of the original instrumental, however, were lost a bit when Lights brightened up the production with her pop-inspired flavor. Don’t get us wrong — we love it. But, at the same time we’ve been craving that pure grittiness of the original “Midas Heel.”

Finally, it has arrived in all its glory. As part of his Polar score, deadmau5 just put out the dark, ominous production in full and it’s totally vocal free.

“deadmau5 is an unstoppable force,” director Jonas Åkerlund states in a press release. “Taking him out of his comfort zone to compose a film, he brought power and excellence to the score without losing that deadmau5 DNA we love so much. Walking into this project, we didn’t know what to expect. His unique and cutting-edge approach to composing Polar exceeded our expectations and brought a brilliance that guarantees his genius.”

Listen here and watch Polar on Netflix on January 25th.

deadmau5 – midas heel