We’re no strangers to 1000volts, the collaborative project of Redman and Jayceeoh, here on Your EDM. But even having covered their music countless times, we’re still more excited than ever to premiere their new collaboration with Dion Timmer and Kid Capri, “Dab It,” out today on Deadbeats.

“Dab It” is quintessentially 1000volts — when you think Redman, weed undoubtedly comes to mind (How High is a classic). And with Dion Timmer and Kid Capri in tow, the track reaches a new level of hype. A combination of trap and wobbly dubstep constitute this vocal anthem to dabs. And whether you partake in weed or not, the track itself is still more than capable of making some bassheads headbang at the rail.

Check out the premiere of “Dab It” from 1000volts and Dion Timmer, featuring Kid Capri, below, out now on Deadbeats.