Fire Festival (probably not the one you’re thinking of) just took place over the weekend inside of Minecraft. It was one of the first music festivals of its kind to exist in an exclusively virtual realm.

The two-night show included performances from Ekali b2b Vincent, Hudson Mohawke b2b Lil Hank, ARTYLuca Lush, Lil Texas, Slumberjack and Y2K, among so many others. For gamers, this was a no brainer, but many others didn’t catch wind of the festival until it was already happening.

Luckily, organizer SLEEPYCATT, real name Max Schramp, kept an archive of the music festival with a collective playlist via SoundCloud. There’s total of 37 sets and hours upon hours of awesome music featured below.

We’re missing some of those key sets we’d love to replay — but that only means there’s even more to explore! Enjoy!

Fire Festival 2019 – Official Recap Playlist