There are certain unassailable rules in the service industry. “Don’t mess with the people who make your food” is a prime example. One that doesn’t exist yet in dance music, but should, is: Don’t piss off the people who design your art.

Art in this case can be as broad as track art to live visuals, but the message stays the same. Yesterday, Mr. Carmack violated that rule with the below tweet.

There are a lot of ways to begin addressing why this tweet is so absurdly wrong, but this response from @sarahxcarr is a good start.

A graphic designer generally isn’t some kid in their mom’s basement who does this on the weekends. It’s a real person who’s made this their career, has contracts, and charges fees for their work.

After turning in a project for review, most designers will charge an hourly rate for any revisions that the client wants done. In that sense, $50 for a single revision is actually a steal.

Carmack’s tweet seems to imply that any revisions should be free of charge — does that mean no matter how many revisions it takes? And the implication that they should be designing graphics for, I don’t know, just the pleasure of it, is bordering on asinine.

The tweet was posted yesterday and, despite hundreds of replies, Carmack hasn’t made any effort to clarify or rectify his position. See some of the responses from real graphic designers and creatives below: