Spotify just made it easier (and safer) to stream music while driving.

The new feature referred to as “Car View” is an updated version of the “Now Playing” screen — bigger buttons, larger text, and far less distractions. Spotify’s Car View only shares track title and artist — no album art — so it’s easier and quicker to read at a glance.

According to TechCrunch, some users have had the option for weeks. However, as of now, the feature should be rolling out to all Android users. It will also be available for iOS users at some point, but the timeline is unclear.

“You or another car passenger can opt out temporarily (until you next connect to a car) directly from the car view by clicking the three dots menu,” Spotify explains in a statement. “You can also opt out of the feature permanently from within your Spotify settings.”

Drive safe.


Source: TechCrunch | More info: Spotify