Apple is gearing up to unleash the next generation of iPad models and a 7th generation iPod touch. It’s all in the details, as references to the new devices have been found in the iOS 12.2 code.

First up, the iOS references four iPad models, two WiFi and two cellular-driven. The model numbers don’t match up to any current iPad models, which gives reason to believe there’s a forthcoming launch. It’s speculated that any of the new iPad model numbers could refer to an iPad mini 5 in the works.

In addition, there’s a reverence to an iPod which does not match up with any known iPod touch models. The 6th generation model is referred to “iPod 7,1” and this new one is called “iPod 9,1.”

On top of this find, Apple recently registered seven iPad devices with the Eurasian Economic Commission. The model numbers A2123, A2124, A2126, A2153, A2154, A2133, and A2152 could hint at any of the four expected iPads.

Over the past few years, Apple has been known to hold events in March. It’s more than likely the tech giant is gearing up for another launch in just a couple of months.

See the images below via MacRumors.


Source: MacRumors