WARNING: This post contains some vulgar language and explicit content. Read at your own discretion.

What was once one man’s real, living nightmare is going down in history as the most legendary anecdote to come out of Fyre Festival. Of course, we’re talking about the notorious dick sucking story from Netflix’s Fyre documentary.

As people draw lines comparisons between Hulu’s documentary and that of Netflix, there’s a clear line in the sand between one versus the other. One describes event producer Andy King‘s near run-in with a penis to get trucks full of Evian water across the border.

Billy [McFarland] called and said, ‘Andy, we need you to take one big thing for the team.,” King explains on-camera in the newly released Fyre documentary. “And I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve been taking something for the team every day.’

“He said, ‘Well, you’re our wonderful gay leader and we need you to go down, will you suck dick to fix this water problem?’ And I said, ‘Billy, what?’ And he said, ‘Andy, if you will go down and suck Cunningham’s dick, who is the head of customs, and get him to clear all of the containers with water, you will save this festival.’”

This is the same guy who admits he would break into tears whenever he was alone for a second, as Fyre became more and more out of his control. King was fully prepared to go down, to the festival site and otherwise, if it meant keeping the festival afloat — and more importantly, the thirst of attendees quenched. Thankfully, customs let the water go with no dirty deeds done, but the festival failed miserably anyways. Still, this guy is some kind of hero.

“Can you imagine, in my 30 years of career that this was what I was going to do?” he says. “I was going to do that, honestly, to save the festival.”

Naturally, Twitter’s commentary about the dick sucking story is on point. Never forget.



H/T: Junkee