Anyone even remotely involved in the YouTube creator community knows that the platform’s copyright system needs a major overhaul. Not only are false copyright claims rampant, it’s nearly impossible to resolve them thanks to YouTube’s current policies (e.g., a creator must reach out to a claimant to request the claim be removed; it’s then pretty much up to their sole discretion to do so or not).

Just like copyright strikes on SoundCloud have affected a number of producers in the past, so too does YouTube’s copyright system. Getter just shared on Twitter yesterday that he has to delete all of his vlogs because they’re all getting claimed.

“[L]iterally getting copyright strikes on every video where I’m at a festival and music is being played by someone in the background,” he writes.

Getter’s YouTube now features far fewer videos than it did just days ago, and the world is a less funny place because of it. Get your sh*t together, YouTube.


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