Mau5ville compilations are quickly becoming our favorite thing about Deadmau5‘s label, mau5trap. The compilation series has already put out two volumes in the past six months, and a third is on its way, set for release this Friday.

The third volume in the Mau5ville series features four new tracks from Deadmau5. These include a new collaboration with Shotty Horroh, and what seems to be a sequel to “Monophobia” with Rob Swire, which was released on Volume 1. It also features remixes by J. Worra, C.O.Z, Mark Mackenzie, and OFFAIAH, and new originals by No Mana and C.O.Z.

The release date was confirmed by Deadmau5 on Twitter yesterday – you can pre-save the compilation on Spotify here.

Deadmau5 – Mau5Ville Vol. 3 [Tracklist] – coming out this Friday from electronicmusic


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