Eleven days ago, a woman in Atlanta’s Opera nightclub filmed herself during what appeared to be a sexual assault. In the live stream posted to Facebook from the club, a man is seen behind her while she cries “somebody, help me” with tears rolling down her face. The response to the video received equal parts vitriol and support; it’s now being reported that an arrest has been made in connection with the incident.

According to police, 34-year-old Dominique Williams turned himself in at the Fulton County Jail on Jan. 29 regarding warrants of aggravated sodomy.

The victims attorney’s, Chris Stewart and Joshua Palmer released a statement this morning regarding Williams’ arrest. “The arrest of Dominique Williams who sexually violated [the victim] at Opera nightclub serves as vindication for her and all other women who have been victims of sexual assault.”

Between the incident and the arrest this morning, 11alive reports protesters stood outside of Opera nightclub for three days demanding “to know why no arrests had been made despite police confirming that they had identified the man seen in the video.”

Williams is now being held at Fulton County Jail without bail, but Attorney Stewart says their fight isn’t over.

“While we are pleased that the individual who assaulted [my client] was arrested, our quest for justice is just beginning. My law firm’s investigation has uncovered a massive security failure by Opera nightclub which will be shocking to the general public. Hip-hop night at clubs does not mean patrons are treated with less value. We will continue to fight for [the victim] and for the countless other women who are silently victimized and don’t come forward because they are fearful of being attacked by those who senselessly engage in victim shaming online not knowing all the facts.”


Photo via Chucky Foto