It’s fine to take inspiration from other sources every once in a while — in fact, in a world where creating something wholly original is basically impossible and people are exposed to more media than they realize, making something similar to something else is pretty much inevitable. However, certain precautions have to be taken to make sure that inspiration doesn’t cross the line into straight up ripping a concept.

Apashe’s music video for “Majesty,” from his Requiem EP, is a drug-fueled journey following a main character and others riding horses in streetwear in the wilderness. Calvin Harris just released the music video for his collaboration with Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, “Giant.” And while the majority of the video is in an urban setting, the scenes depicting horses and wide open fields are very similar to Apashe’s video.

Calvin responded to the call out, linking to a VICE article on the Dublin teenage horse thugs, “Check the ref from 2014 and stop insulting legends.” It’s unclear if he’s referring to himself as a legend here or the Dublin horse thugs.

Watch both videos below and see for yourself.

Apashe – Majesty

Calvin Harris, Rag’n’Bone Man – Giant