Although the list of artists that have had an exceptional 2018 is quite extensive, up and coming bass music prodigy Benda has parachuted into 2019 with a monumental collaboration with the legendary Borgore. After being taken under the head honcho of Buygore’s wing last year, the young producer by the age 19 of has culminated one of the heaviest collaborations of the year with the groundbreaking “Camo Diamond Rollie” on Bassrush Records.

We at Your EDM had a chat with him to pick his brain new and old, and all things Benda.

This collaboration is an absolute head splitter. Tell us a bit about how this tune came to fruition. Was it a long process to create or was it one of those “magic in the room” quick turnaround tunes?

Before we started the BGU Tour, Borgore and I had talked about doing another song together. With this tune we really wanted to make something super aggressive and mean. We ended just hanging out and pretty much made the whole idea in a session and then came back like two weeks later and finished the record.

You’ve been on a steady rise to fame recently and have showed absolutely no signs of stagnation. What are some of your goals for 2019?

My main goal for 2019 is just to release a bunch of music. Ive been really happy with all the new tunes I’ve been making and I’m excited for everyone to hear them! Another goal is to make actual songs not just dubstepy bangers so keep an eye out for those.

Dream collaborations: Top 3 GO!

Future, Space Laces, and Kid Cudi.

With the massive success of this release- do you have plans for a follow up collaboration with the man himself(If you don’t have one in the works already?)

We haven’t talked about doing another tune together yet, but we hang out almost everyday so i don’t doubt that we’ll make another one together in the near future.

What were some of your favorite highlights/memories of 2018, and why?

The BGU Tour has to be my favorite memory of 2018. Theres just something about touring the country with your best friends thats kind of hard to explain. Imagine your parents going out of town for the weekend and all your friends come over to your place and you get to do whatever you want; but for two months.

Who are your main influences in the music world? Any standout producers to you that inspire you?

As cliche as it sounds, my biggest inspirations are all my friends. They’re all super hungry and making insane tunes. s/o Borgore, Half Empty, Tisoki, Minesweepa, Sneek and all da boys.

What would you tell new producers/musicians that are now entering the realm of music production, any insider tips/ words of advice?

Just have fun with it! The best part of producing is figuring out a cool trick that you didn’t know about. Also don’t compare yourself to other producers, everyones journey is different.

Finally, any last words for your fans at Your EDM:

Soulja Boy had the biggest comeback of 2018.

You can purchase the release here on Bassrush Records: