Over the past couple of years, Cheat Codes have firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the dance music world. They’re one of the most reliable artists for pop-crossovers as they’ve collaborated with heavy hitters like Kiiara, Fetty Wap, and Demi Lovato. Now the trio have returned with a massive collab with luminary Dutch producer/DJ Afrojack.

Their new track “Ferrari” is a cool bit of hip-hop-trap-pop-electro fusion. The song starts out very much in the Cheat Codes style with a radio-friendly sounding hip-hop beat, reminiscent of a Travis Scott or Post Malone song. Some auto-tuned flows come through before the chorus. During the chorus some spacey-synths play in the background, before ultimately giving way to dramatic big-room buildup and some trap horns. From there, the drop is all Afrojack, as a pitched up vocal chop matches up with the kick in the background. The same horns signal the end of the first drop, and the Afrojack synth riff takes us into the second verse. From there the second drop really takes it home with all the trap and big-room flourishes you would want from these two artists.

Here’s what Matt from Cheat Codes had to say about teaming up with Afrojack and the meaning of “Ferrari”:

“Met up with Afrojack in the studio over a year ago, we wanted to figure out how we could blend our two sounds into something cohesive. We first heard the drop and knew it was something we could come together on. A lot of the process was back and forth through email sending demos. Gonna have to hit the stage together at some point because the clubs are gonna love this one.”

“Lyrically, ‘Ferrari’ is that moment when you really mess up in a relationship and have to overcompensate to try and make it better”

Check out the video for Cheat Codes featuring Afrojack “Ferrari” out now.