Fisher was just interviewed on the Grammy Award‘s red carpet — when he accidentally dropped an F-bomb on live TV.

The Australian DJ/producer was up for Best Dance Recording for his smash hit “Losing It.” The top honor in that category went to Silk City (Diplo & Mark Ronson) tonight, but that didn’t stop Fisher from getting his 15 minutes in the spotlight.

The reporter referred to Fisher as “a superstar in the dance world.”

“I don’t know about that!” he exclaimed in his modest response. “I’m just pushing the buttons and going fuckin — oop!”

He noticed the flub right away and literally stumbled back. The reporter recovered quickly, remarking on Fisher’s “colorful language.” He still won the camera over and the entire news team was cracking up by the time his interview wrapped up.

Gotta love Fisher!

Fisher’s F-Bomb at the Grammy Awards