The Grammys are on Ariana Grande‘s shit list…

The singer reportedly dropped out of the awards ceremony after she couldn’t come to an agreement with producers over which of her tracks to perform live. Last night, she tweeted out a series of profanities when Cardi B won Rap Album of the Year over Ariana’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

Sadly, Mac passed away last year. Not before releasing his fifth studio album Swimming, which came out in August. The album became an instant fan favorite, and later shot to number one on iTunes in the wake of his tragic death.

When the Rap Album of the Year winner was announced last night, Ariana took to Twitter to air out her frustrations — “trash,” “fuck,” “bullshit,” “literally bullshit,” she wrote.

However, she made it clear that this was in no way meant to diss Cardi B —  “nothing to do w her. good for her. i promise. i’m sorry,” Ariana clarified. ““she’s not at all [trash] and that’s not what i meant and u know that.”

Cardi B took to Instagram to share her thanks, during which she gave a special shout out to Mac Miller and his family. She said, “I’m sharing this Grammy with you motherf**ker — rest in peace.”

Grande has since deleted all of her tweets, but you can read them below.

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