It’s been eight months since Jeffrey Sutorius, previous frontman for group Dash Berlin, very publicly cut ties with the group. Now in 2019, Sutorius is ready to forge his own path with a new label BODYWRMR and debut original single, “Bad Days.”

While fans were right to have their doubts, Sutorius is clearly just as good now as he was with former group members Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn. “Bad Days” is clearly autobiographical in nature; and though it has a slightly melancholic meaning, the production keeps it light-hearted, upbeat, and happy.

As for his new label, there’s a lot to be said:

“The reason I decided to call my new record label BODYWRMR is threefold. You are heating up your body when dancing at a party. Secondly, electronic music allows us to bond in a PLUR state of mind when we are hugging each other on the dancefloor and making friendships for life, we are literally warming up each other’s bodies. And finally, I wish to thank everyone for their support in making my new journey as Jeffrey Sutorius possible: this truly warms my body by first warming my heart. My intention is to do the same for my fans with new music, whether it’s mine or coming from carefully selected talent from around the world. So in the end it’s all about what it has always been for me: for each other and with each other.”

“Bad Days” was premiered exclusively by Dancing Astronaut, but you can listen below.


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