Martin Garrix and Bonn have teamed up again for a new single “No Sleep,” which serves as a follow up to their first collab together, “High On Life.”

“No Sleep” is all about being stuck in a moment that’s so good, it must be a dream. Running with the same theme of the title and lyrics, Garrix creates a dreamlike world through his production. Soft, delicate synths mimic a lullaby, as Bonn’s vocals take flight. The result is sweet and thoughtful, not quite the kind of festival banger we’ve come to expect from the producer — but an anthem in its own right.

Garrix’s loyal following will surely appreciate “No Sleep” and the official music video to accompany the release. Behind-the-scenes footage is sprinkled between breathtaking views and landscapes, showing off the producer’s extreme tour life.

At this point in his career, Garrix is able to crank out hits at an unprecedented rate. Before we know it, he’ll be hitting us with another track — so take in this moment right here!

Martin Garrix – “No Sleep” feat. Bonn


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