Marshmello made headlines for his viral in-game Fornite concert. He and Epic Games broke the concurrent player record by millions. However, the actual figures are even more impressive than previously reported.

On February 2, 2019, Fortnite’s Marshmello concert brought in about 10.7 million players. That’s much more than the original estimate of 10 million, which earned Mello serious bragging rights as it was. According to Epic Games, they broke the previous high concurrent player count by about 2.5 million players.

The previous record was set when 8.3 million people were playing during Fornite’s in-game “butterfly event,” which took place in November. The best ever non-event day attracted 7.6 million concurrent players. Still, nothing compares to the kind of numbers Marshmello brought in.

Following the virtual performance, Marshmello saw an astronomical spike in social media engagement, huge boosts in music streams, and he jumped even higher on the Hot 100 with “Happier.” To top it all off, his Fortnite extended set debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.


Source: Variety