Daft Punk made their album debut with Homework in 1997, but it wasn’t until 2001’s Discovery that they truly made a splash on the electronic music scene worldwide. Tracks like “Da Funk,” “Oh Yeah,” and “Around The World” on their first album set the stage, and pretty much every track on Discovery then brought it home.

You’d be hard pressed to find any electronic music fan, or music fan in general for that matter, who doesn’t know “One More Time” or “Harder Better Faster Stronger.” Then, of course, there are the ominous bell tolls on “Aerodynamic” and the delicate pairing of acoustic guitar and vocoder on “Digital Love.”

For my own tastes, I truly love “Crescendolls,” but “Voyager” and “Face to Face” also have their own appeal. Truly, the album has become a timeless classic.

Discovery was released February 26, 2001, making it 18 years old today. Listen to it below for a splash of nostalgia and an album that will never grow old.