Up until this point, fans had only been able to see Deadmau5’s Cube 3.0 in digital renderings via Twitch stream; however, even that isn’t directly available anymore, as he has deleted his Twitch channel. But, with Ultra officially one month away, rehearsals for the real Cube 3.0 just wrapped up and it looks absolutely wild.

Our first look at the real life stage design comes from photographer @leahsems, who also frequently works with Rezz and Ghastly. First off, this thing is truly massive. Though there’s no direct frame of reference in the photo below, you can just tell that it is huge.

Secondly, we know that Deadmau5 coded the cube visuals himself, so you know it has to have a lot of power running through it. And from the looks of the visuals displayed in the photo, that seems to be true.

Fans can see the Cube 3.0 in action in person at Ultra Music Festival, Saturday, March 30.