Pittsburg drum and bass newcomer Dropset has been getting some notice lately, with his debut singles “Flashback” and “Time Under Tension” appearing last year on Tactical Audio right before he also got his track “1RM” on Abducted’s most recent compilation LP, X. Dropset thus far seems to be on the harder edge of DnB production, with techstep-laced neurofunk being a common thread in his tracks. With his new track “Singularity” out Tuesday, March 5 on Divination Recordings, however, there’s a lot more to unpack.

“Singularity” is also a shift in tone for Divination, also a relative newcomer to the U.S. DnB world. With the three releases they’ve put out thus far one could be forgiven for thinking that Divination would be largely liquid and melodic but “Singularity” shows the burgeoning label’s A&R diversity chops in releasing something completely different like this.

On the whole, “Singularity” would still be classified as techy neurofunk but this track has a lot more to it than some of Dropset’s previous work. He’s filled up the ambient space around the techy synths and pulsing, slightly rolling beat loop with theatrical and even some melodic elements that carry through from the intro. This gives “Singularity” a bit more warmth and body and takes it out of basic neurofunk to something more elevated and universal.

“Singularity” would play well on any label, but Divination was certainly smart to snap it up. It’s a good preview of the diversity the DnB scene can expect from the label and also a great addition to Dropset’s discography. If he can evolve his style this much in just three tracks, he’ll definitely be one to watch in 2019 and 2020.

“Singularity” will be available on Tuesday, March 5 on Divination Recordings on multiple platforms. Check their Facebook page for streaming and purchase options.