David Browning’s debut album isn’t all house, but it’s definitely got some decent grooves going on with his debut Now You See Me. The album has a fitting title for him personally because he also happens to be a practicing doctor. Generally as well, the album reflects Browning’s interest in psychologyEither way, it’s likely Browning’s patients and fans will be seeing a whole new side of him.

David Browning has already had some experience in pop and electronic music, having scored the LGBT short film, Meet Cute. For this album it seems he wanted to branch out musically and did so with a number of pop ballads and more EDM-focused tracks. Browning released teaser three singles from Now You See Me prior to the album’s release which show this diversity of sound: the cheeky “Call Me When You’re Single”, a heartfelt pop ballad called “Always Inside” and the more club-friendly but nonetheless lyrically poignant “Stay Over”.

While all the tracks on this album carry different styles, two things seem to characterize Browning’s musical style so far: his near perfect voice and his lyrical prowess. “Stay Over” is thus far the most popular and EDM-forward single and it’s all about house-tinged club grooves musically, Browning’s vocals, however, take the track to a different level. With bittersweet references to love, lust and mental health, the lyrics are designed to make the listener stop and think, even if they’re dancing at a club. There’s an emotive quality there as well even if you can’t quite ponder existence while you dance, which is indicative of Browning’s great songwriting capability.

Browning worked on this album with Grammy award winning producer Ian French to ensure that the production on Now You See Me had the clean lines of a pop or EDM album. There’s also a unique and emotive quality to his work that will make him stand out in the sea of producers in both camps. Because of his previous scoring work and his work with the LGBT community, Browning likely already has a ready-made audience but Now You See Me has him poised to garner even more attention and accolades.

Now You See Me is out now and can be streamed or purchased from multiple platforms by clicking here.