Bring Me The Horizon’s 2013 album Sempiternal was a massive hit, with tracks like “Shadow Moses” and “Sleepwalking” garnering tens of millions of plays alone. And with the release of their latest album amo and accompanying tour, all of the emo kids who now listen to dance music felt a renewed connection with the band.

The album begins with the anthemic “Can You Feel My Heart,” which has just been reimagined by Varien with help from Andrew Zink. This new version stays very close to the original, only with updated vocals and cleaner, more refined production. The original, though beloved, and even released as recently as 2013, still sounds horribly dated in comparison to Varien’s highly mastered take.

There are some slight differences in the overall arrangement as well — note the absence of the acoustic guitar in the verse at 1:24 in the cover versus the original.

Varien explains, “This song means a lot to me, so I wanted to do my own version of it. Now, many people might be expecting something wildly different, perhaps some remix of it or a different type of cover, but my intention was to create a 2019 version: wide, club-friendly (wink wink to you DJs who play out metal, this sounds GOOD live), bigger, more epic, more Varien, more everything. Bringing out the beauty in this song. I have plenty more metal, but also plenty more industrial, cyberpunk, and overall pure badassery planned for this year following this cover. I hope you love it!”

Check out Varien’s cover of “Can You Feel My Heart” below!