As one of the most popular acts on the planet, The Chainsmokers are covered every single day. YouTubers everywhere can’t resist the catchy lyrics and melodies the duo creates, making songs like “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Paris,” “Something Just Like This” — and oh yes, “Selfie” — among some of the most covered online.

The Chainsmokers recently sat down for Glamour‘s segment “You Sang My Song,” which involved them providing critique and commentary on a series of chill-inducing covers. Not only that — they surprised the aspiring singers and musicians via video chat and the reactions are priceless on both ends.

Playing back clips of their reactions, The Chainsmokers were able to offer some real accounts and advice for performers. The duo even thought, in some cases, the music videos were better than their own.

Madilyn Bailey and Alex GootLanden Boyer, Aspen, Matt McGuire, Barak and May, Tony An, Hannah Alex and Tayla Mae, were among the artists featured for the video.

The Chainsmokers Watch Fan Covers On YouTube


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