The biggest new club in Las Vegas is KAOS Dayclub and Nightclub, at the historic Palms Casino Resort. The club will debut the first weekend in April with performances from Marshmello, Travis Scott, Cardi B, Alicia Keys, J Balvin, Skrillex, and G-Eazy, with more artists set to perform throughout the year.

According to a new report from Variety, Marshmello has signed an exclusive two-year contract with the Las Vegas club to the tune of $60 million. With a guaranteed $30 million per year (gross) from the residency, as well as streaming, touring, sync, and merchandise, this will surely make Marshmello the new richest DJ in the world.

In their highest-paid DJs of 2018 article, Forbes revealed Marshmello made approximately $23 million. This residency alone is worth more than everything he made in that twelve month period (June 1, 2017 through June 1, 2018), which is astounding. The highest-paid DJ at the time, Calvin Harris, doesn’t tour. Instead, he makes most of his money from streaming and residencies in Las Vegas.

Moe Shalizi, founder and CEO of The Shalizi Group, who manages Marshmello, said: “The Palms has always been one of the most iconic hotels, so it’s very exciting to announce that this will be our new home in Las Vegas. To be part of this legacy’s newest chapter is an honor. Not many other dayclubs and nightclubs in the world can compare to the amount of detail, quality and craftsmanship that have went into KAOS.”

Find more information at the KAOS site.


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