Getter is determined to get fans onboard with his new Visceral Tour, even if that means switching it up.

The album was utterly spectacular — one of our Top 10 favorites to come out of 2018 — and the entire tour centers around that body of work. Some fans totally dig the lighter, melodic vibe, but some others who prefer his older, heavier material have been critical.

In a new social post, Getter opens up about the Visceral Tour and the feedback he’s been receiving from fans. (See more comments from fellow DJs below).

From the sounds of it, Getter is switching up his act to adhere to a broader audience and, moving forward, the tour will sound a little different. We’re a little torn about this, because we’d love nothing more than for Getter to stick to his guns. On the other hand, it’s understandable that he wants to please the people paying for a ticket.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Getter’s Visceral set at Buku and wouldn’t want him to change a thing. Sometimes, supporting an artist means being 100% down with whatever they want to share with you in that moment.

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