A local Oakland music festival called The Multivrs Is Illuminated made a lot of noise today regarding Porter Robinson & Goldenvoice’s new Multiverse Festival. In an Instagram post earlier today (the account has since gone private), event organizers Jade Ariana and Shawna Shawnte wrote that Porter Robinson & Goldenvoice’s Multiverse Festival is “a continuation of the ongoing violence and discrepancies in power that continue to produce disenfranchisement within cultural production.”

Doing their best to be respectful to the event, which has gone on in Oakland since 2017, Multiverse festival has officially been renamed Second Sky Fest. The event will remain at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland on June 15.

“a couple days ago we found out about another oakland music event called ‘the multivrs is illuminated’ — i feel like the right thing to do is to change the name of our festival,” wrote Porter.

“it took a little time to sort out the logistics, but we’re changing it to Second Sky Music Festival!”

With regards to Ariana and Shawnte’s other demands, that Porter and Goldenvoice essentially pay reparations so that Multivrs can continue to throw events, no comment was made.


Photo via Rukes.com