Bl4ck Owlz has gone through a lot of changes since becoming the winner of Evol Intent’s remix contest in 2015. Most notably, the French duo is down to one French dude (Vik) but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Bl4ck Owlz from rolling out the neurofunk rollers. With releases on Bad Taste, C4C and Korsakov in the past year, the newly trimmed down Bl4ck Owlz doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

His latest release is the Dead Groove EP on Korsakov and it’s full of neuro headsmashers as well as at least one very complex chin scratcher. With such a varied scope of sound on Dead Groove, we asked Bl4ck Owlz for a playlist of a few tracks he felt influenced this massive release and he did us one better: with a Koraskov mix just posted on Soundcloud today, the neuro dynamo also gave us a list of tracks that influenced each song on Dead Groove and told us why. With all this material, it will be easy to get sucked into the world of Bl4ck Owlz music and really why would you want to be anywhere else? Listen and learn: 

Dead Groove

Inspiration on this one came from tracks like Asteroids by Noisia, or very mechanical tracks like A.M.C does. I called it “Dead Groove” because of this off beat bass/synth. I love the dislocated and mechanical groove on the track. This one is defo the one I prefer on the EP. I am really happy with the mixdown and the master. I love that the snare and the half tempo parts are so weird and cool, I am pretty proud of “Dead Groove!”


Cosmic Dust Activity

For Cosmic I was looking for an energetic minimal track with a load of snares. I remembered this old one from Mefjus called “Dissuade.” This track idea came very fast, like in an afternoon. I was very inspired by a loop I’d found in my library, reworked this loop, added some cosmic dust to it et voilà!

Listen to the Wolves

So many versions of this track in my computer! It was very complicated to fit the mixdown with the music, but finally I found a compromise between musicality and loudness!

This track is inspired by musical neuro dnb like the “Sexy Thing” from Rido or “Beneath” from InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds



Propaganda is clearly inspired by Current Value’s style, I wanted to do something loud and groovy just to smash the dancefloor.

Dead Groove by Bl4ck Owlz is out now on Korsakov and is available to stream and purchase on multiple platforms here. Check out his Korsakov mix below: