Tycho has a new album on the way and it’s coming really soon(ish)!

Fans initially became excited when an image of the album’s timeline surfaced on Reddit. Some believed the group would drop an album “in the next couple of weeks,” as soon as April 1. According to the schedule below, the album is due on that date — but that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to hear it just yet.

“yeah sorry if i got anyone excited,” Tycho chimed in on the thread. “the album is typically due months before the release date (to allow for manufacturing, distribution, artwork, etc.) the album will be out in summer! thanks to everyone for the support. was sort of surreal to be flipping through reddit today and seeing my progress spreadsheet (which is burned into my brain now after looking at it for 18 months) show up on my front page :)”

His last full album Epoch, released in September 2016.

So there we have it. New Tycho coming this summer. Get excited!

Tycho Album Coming This Summer

New Tycho album coming in the next couple of weeks!! from electronicmusic