Ultra Music Festival kicks off in 4 days. This Friday, the 21st annual Ultra will begin at its new home on Virginia Key with sets from Deadmau5, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, and more. There are a lot of unknowns and new variable to navigate within the new venue, especially for seasoned veterans used to Bayfront Park. But with each passing day, at the very least, we’re seeing the stages come together more and more.

Thanks to @edmvibes24x7 on Instagram, we can see the progress of the main stage and megastructure, which will house the Live Arena on Friday and Saturday, and ASOT on Sunday.


The first picture shows the Ultra main stage nearing completion, featuring the top half of the LED panels installed and tested. There’s still 50% more to do, but if we take symmetry into account, it’s simple to picture what the finished product would look like.

The second post is a video of the megastructure, the live arena, the home of ASOT. Simply put, this thing is absolutely massive. A drone video from last week showed an overhead view of the structure, if you’re finding it hard to conceptualize the incredible size of such a stage. Based on a simple, cursory estimate, it looks about comparable to Coachella’s Sahara stage pre-2018.

These stages, plus UMF Radio, Ultra Worldwide, and all the stages on Resistance Island, will be revealed in full and complete action this Friday. Stay tuned for information on the live stream and more!


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra