The DC-based bass artist known as NVRSOFT has already come a long way since her first Beatport-acknowledged release in mid-2018 when she remixed Sandra Collins’ “Nineteen Birds.” Even though it may feel like early days to the drum and bass game at large, NVRSOFT, given name Kat, has been working for a long time on her beats and spends all of her waking hours on making them. There’s hustle behind those tracks, trust.

If you listen to Kat’s track on the 10 Years of Audioporn compilation out last December, it’s pretty easy to see why Shimon snapped her up for an exclusive signing. She easily delivered, finishing her first EP with the imprint called Premonitions, due out this Friday, March 29. It represents not only a lightning-fast evolution in NVRSOFT’s sound but a great diversity and understanding of DnB history.

There’s a taste of just about everything on Premonitions, as it covers a wide spectrum of styles and subgenres. The title track is clean, melodic liquid while “Changes” is sort of trippy, ambient darkstep. “Don’t Wait For Me” is a definite highlight with a minimal, almost techy vibe. Our premiere is the closing track “La Croix” and also definitely the curveball of the release.

On “La Croix” it’s pretty clear that Kat was playing with synths and melodies but in the process she managed to pull out a stunner of a halftime track. The beat is simple and has a sort of hip hop/reverse trap vibe but – and we can’t believe we’re saying this about a DnB track – it is all about those killer synth melodies. Haunting and beautiful but novel and new all at the same time, both the main high-pitched ascending melody and its lower, buzzing, almost lo-fi counterpart dominate and also balance the track all on their own. The beat becomes an anchor rather than the feature as the listener’s heart is taken on a crazy roller coaster of synth sound design. “La Croix” stands conventional bass music on its head and we should thank NVRSOFT for it.

With three solid DnB tracks and one absolute game-changer in “La Croix,” Kat NVRSOFT has definitely delivered on Audioporn’s promise with Premonitions. Both artist and label head knew they had something special with this release, and now the rest of the music world are about to see the Premonitions come true.

Premonitions is out this Friday, March 29 on Audioporn. For multiplatform pre-order, purchase and streaming links, click here.