It’s no exaggeration to say that AWAY is a favorite of many of our staff at Your EDM. Though his releases might be a bit rarer than we’d prefer, they’re an absolute treat whenever we have the privilege of getting something new. While the world was busy paying attention to Ultra this past weekend, he dropped a new single called “Too Close” with Midoca and Dark Waves. We’re only just now catching up with it, but better late than never.

“Too Close” is a dark and beautiful song, painted with melancholy. Like much of AWAY’s music, he’s never afraid to address the darker demons in people’s minds, and he pairs it well with his production.

It’s cliche but the writing’s on the wall /
Now I wonder why you even came home at all

While it’s not a club track by any means, with delicate acoustic guitar plucks and a rather saddening message, it’s still a soulful and tremendous piece of art that deserves your attention. Listen below.