Avicii was at Ultra Music Festival in sprit this year…

An artist by the name Royyal Dog captured the essence of the late producer with his live art display, which he painted during the festival. The resemblance is uncanny, as Avicii looks off the canvas with a bright smile on his face. It’s enough to make anyone’s day.

In years past, Avicii took the Ultra Miami stage to perform his massive hits like “Levels” and “Wake Me Up.” His legacy still lives on.

“Rest in peace ◢ ◤ you gave us the flower (*the MV of Levels),” Royyal Dog shares in the following social post. “Everybody in the event miss you so much.”

See the incredible mural below. Tap through to see multiple angles of the Avicii artwork and videos of fans interacting with the painting.


Avicii Mural By Royyal Dog


Photo via Rukes.com