Baphomet is a widely misunderstood concept. Popularly characterized as a demon deity with the head of a goat and body of a man with black wings and long, pointed horns, it’s easy to draw a parallel to the idea of the devil. In reality, it’s actually a symbol denoting “perfect social order.”

While it’s the unwanted interpretation at play here in YDG’s new song “Baphomet,” it’s an absolute banger all the same.

Following a brief intro with crisp drums and an ominous melody, the suspense is broken by a minimal trap drop that evokes imagery of a haunted house or, perhaps, something a bit more sinister. The seemingly more innocent-sounding chimes are at odds with the distorted noise in the background and the threatening melody driving the track forward.

The combination of all these elements is what gives “Baphomet” its truly unique signature, and something that we’ll remember it for if things go as planned. Listen below and all hail our new demon goat overlord.