It has been four years since Time Warp last touched down on US soil and people have been pining for its return ever since. This year Time Warp will be celebrating its 25th anniversary and for over these last two decades they have become a true power house in the dance music community, their influence and reputation has expanded well beyond their iconic festival in Mannheim, Germany.

Time Warp left New York on a high note back in 2015 as that event still stands as the last time renowned DJ Ricardo Villalobos played in the US. With so many years in-between now and that very special last event they have given people ample time to build anticipation and expectations. While the prospects of a stellar event look good one can’t forget the issues that Time Warp faced when it came to venues problems. However, they always seemed to smooth things out so I have no doubts that things will run as expected for their long awaited homecoming.

Their triumphant return will take place on Friday, November 22nd and Saturday, November, 23rd at the New York EXPO Center in The Bronx, in partnership with Teksupport.

For more information and to sign up for pre-sale tickets be sure to visit the Time Warp website here!

Header photo courtesy of the Time Warp website