Police just seized the largest amount of ecstasy in Finnish history — in a single bust.

Approximately 152,000 tablets of the substance were confiscated from an apartment in Lahti. The breakdown: 151,390 ecstasy tablets, 1,095 Subutex 8 mg tablets and 211.7 grams of amphetamine. All this according to an official police announcement made on Thursday.

The effort by National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and local police reportedly saw through the arrest of a 30-year-old man, who remains in custody for an aggravated narcotics offense, pending trial. Another lesser involved, 35-year-old man was apprehended and released, but remains under travel ban. One other was questioned for drug smuggling and remains in custody.

The suspicious activity occurred as police monitored a truck registered in Lithuania, which was spotted driving to a Merrasjärvi public beach parking lot. Another vehicle with a Finnish registration arrived shortly after and the men began moving the cargo to the smaller car. Then, they relocated to an apartment.

Finnish police stepped in and seized more than half the amount of ecstasy confiscated throughout all of 2018. The bust was worth an estimated 2.3 million euros, street value.


Source: yle