How do you top bringing out NSYNC as your special guest at Coachella? In the ’90s, you couldn’t — but nowadays, Justin Bieber will do the trick. Ariana Grande closed the annual festival out for the second weekend last night with a guest appearance from Bieber, which “by all accounts” says Consequence of Sound, wasn’t planned.

Bieber performed his hit “Sorry,” which was co-produced by Skrillex, but it was really more of an appearance than a performance as he sort of ambled about and lip-sang into the microphone. The abruptness of the whole situation more than likely contributed to his unpreparedness.

“I haven’t been on stage in two years — I came out here, I had no idea I was going to be on stage tonight,” Bieber explained to the audience. “[…] I had to get my groove back, I had to get my swag back.”

After all, it was only about a month ago that Bieber announced he was taking a break from music for a bit to repair “some of the deep rooted issues that I have.” His performance last night isn’t to say that all those issues have been resolved, but it seems he’s certainly on his way.

He also took the opportunity to announce to the crowd that his new album was “coming soon.”

See clips from the surprise appearance below.