Could Illenium & Kayzo be collaborating?

So much of the interaction between EDM artists happens on Twitter, if SMS and iMessage stopped working tomorrow, most DJs would be totally fine. Whether it’s trading stems back and forth or sending each other WIPs, it’s undeniable that magic happens on Twitter.

Both Kayzo and Illenium played circuitGROUNDS this past weekend at EDC Las Vegas, and maybe that stage gave them a little magic to take home, because we might be getting a collab from the two of them soon. In fact, the Twitter exchange below seems just a little too rehearsed to be pure coincidence, but that’s just conjecture on my part.

What is objectively true is that Kayzo is probably sending Illenium a track to check out and maybe work on. What is objectively true is that both Kayzo and Illenium have albums coming out this year. Does this collaboration already exist? Maybe. Could it come out after either of their albums? Possibly.

No matter what, you know I’m excited about it.


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