Skrillex and Boys Noize headed to Tampa, Florida this past Sunday for a performance as Dog Blood at Sunset Music Festival. By all standards, the set was everything it should have been and both Skrill and Boys Noize kept the energy up for the entire set.

Unfortunately, not everyone can handle their substances and it seems one attendee jumped the barricade at the front of the stage at the end of their set to try and do… something. The video recording below begins too late to see the onset of the commotion; it begins as security is already detaining the attendee, who is clearly inebriated.

“Just be calm down there, security, I know you’re just doing your job,” he says on the mic. As the attendee starts to struggle, security gets rougher. “No no no no no, guys guys, please, please, just chill. Just calm a little bit. I think everyone’s cool. He’s a kid, just move him out calmly.”

As security begins to move the attendee out, he stands up and slurs, “It’s not over, it’s not over.”

It’s at this point that Skrillex seems to be losing his patience a bit. “What are you trying to do man? The show is over, just go home bro. Alright now you’re resisting these guys, I’m not gonna stick up for you anymore.

“You’ve got 10 security guards on you, man, just go home.”

Good on Skrillex for both sticking up for the kid and also knowing how to recognize a lost cause and bring the attention back to their own show. Dog Blood’s new EP Turn Off The Lights comes out this Friday. Listen to a new mini mix from the duo here.