Tragedy struck at Backwoods Music Festival in Arkansas last night, as a helicopter crash resulted in the death of three people and injury of another. The festival ended early on Sunday following the horrific incident.

The sightseeing helicopter was due for arrival at 7 pm and never made its way back. Sadly, it ultimately went down not far from the landing site at Mulberry Mountain. Investigators caught up to the crash around 8 pm.

News of the tragedy soon made its way across the music festival. Backwoods was shut down in its final hours, including G Jones‘ set. Today, he, Peekaboo, Minnesota and more are sending their thoughts and condolences to everyone affected in the wake of the crash.

Backwoods also released a heartfelt statement following the crash:

Today, our hearts rest with our three team members, friends, and family of ours, who passed yesterday. These three individuals were incredibly hard working and loved by our festival community, and wanted to continuously improve the experience for you, as well as others who attended every year. The fourth individual who was involved in the helicopter crash was a beloved Backwoods attendee, and thankfully, we have report from the local Sherrif, is now stable and on the road to recovery after an intense rescue effort last night. We thank you for understanding that we were unable to run the stages with lights and lasers during the air rescue which ensued late into the night, or sound due to radio interference. Call your loved ones today, and please tell them you love them. 

Our hearts also go out to the entire music festival community… the attendees, the workers, and especially the families and loved ones of the victims.

See some of the artist reactions below.

EDM Reacts to Backwoods Helicopter Crash


Photo via Aaron Bradley Photo for Backwoods Music Festival