Dog Blood just dropped their new EP last Friday and it’s still making a regular rotation in our playlists. And, like with any new release from a project Skrillex is involved with, everyone and their mother has come out to try their hand at remixing the tracks. Most barely come up with anything halfway decent, and then there’s REVEL…

The song popped up on my recommended tracks and started auto-playing, but soon enough I had to go and look at who made this wild remix. Just remixing Dog Blood and making it sound good is a task enough by itself, but somehow keeping the same vibe and energy while putting your own spin on it is an accomplishment worthy of acknowledgement.

REVEL is a mystery — with a devilish aesthetic and red/black color scheme, it’s no surprise what this project sounds like when you hit play. That being said, the quality is up there with Phuture Doom in terms of insane, acid-fueled, metal-adjacent bass and house music. Dog Blood’s “Turn Off The Lights” gets morphed into something new and dangerous, and I’m absolutely here for it.

Check out the new one from REVEL below, and keep an eye out for more. We definitely will be.


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