Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Music Festival officially begins today in Oakland, California! Expanded to two days after intense and overwhelming fan interest, the lineup includes many of Porter’s own friends and personal inspirations like Madeon, G Jones, Cashmere Cat, Anamanaguchi, and more.

Second Sky begins today at noon with an opening set from Porter Robinson’s other alias, Virtual Self. Last week, it was announced that the festival would be live streamed via Twitch. The portal to watch is now available — the stream goes live at 4pm PST. It’s unclear if it will feature earlier acts, or begin with KERO KERO BONITO’s set at 4:25. Either way, fans can watch and see all their favorite artists, including one of two Worlds sets from Porter Robinson in 2019.

See the stream below, and come back at 4pm to watch Second Sky live!


Photo via Rukes.com