Buying secondhand tickets to a show or festival always runs a risk. In the EDM community, we have plenty of official exchange options and, for the most part, honest fans willing to sell or trade. However, buyer beware — any hot ticket has a potential scammer behind it.

That moment when your wristband or barcode fails to scan, your stomach sinks. Being ripped off is a terrible feeling for any music fan. Thankfully, a new Facebook hack demonstrated below makes it easier to identify scalpers and scammers who frequently post on social media to push tickets.

See a suspicious comment? Tap the profile name, search profile, and type “ticket” to see all the associated posts from that given user. In this example video, a thread for DeadRocks VI leads to a profile that has also pushed resale tickets for Louis the Child, Rezz Rocks, Illenium, Alison Wonderland and more. While this method isn’t a 100% accurate way of saying “this person will scam you,” it’s a great first step in identifying a major red flag from a potential seller.

To avoid being scammed, always purchase tickets directly from the artist, venue or promoter. Or, buy from someone you know and trust.

See below.

Ticket Scammer Facebook Hack