Dillon Francis has a number of alternate personalities, including emo Preston, his redneck persona that’s always asking Darlene for a beer, and perhaps his most famous, Dj Hanzel.

Hanzel is not the only persona that has performed live (Preston performed at Emo Nite LA in 2017), but it is the only persona that’s had a slot on festival stages. And, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Hanzel. It’s unclear precisely when the last time we heard from him was, but safe to say we’ve all missed him, including Dillon himself.

This morning, Dillon had the urge to revive the personality for some fun and show fans what he does day to day:

  • First, at 11:12am, a rave car wash
  • Second, daily practice going one deeper
  • Third, a rave deprivation chamber for four hours

Hopefully this means we’ll see more of Hanzel and other characters more frequently — even if it doesn’t, it’s been nice to visit with an old friend again.