A startling account has surfaced from a woman who claims she was “humiliated” during a strip search at Knockout Circuz in 2017.

Before the NSW Coroners Court, the young, unnamed woman described how the heavy security made her feel “like a criminal.” She recalled being escorted though the crowd after a drug dog went off on her. What happened next was a full on strip search, which she described in detail as an “unpleasant experience.”

“Everyone was staring at me,” she said.

According to the festival goer, she was led to a room and instructed to take her clothes off. A female officer allegedly demanded repeatedly that she give up her drugs, because the dogs were “never wrong.”

It gets much worse…

“She said ‘if you don’t tell me where the drugs are I’m going to make this nice and slow,'” the witness explained. “She made me take my shorts off and my underwear.”

“Then she made me squat and cough… and then I had to turn around and squat and cough.”

“I have been strip searched twice and they’ve never found anything on me,” she added.

Spokeswoman Samantha Lee believes the officer may have been using the strip search as a scare tactic, which she tagged as “quite simply abhorrent.”

This testimony was reportedly taken into account as part of this week’s investigation of six drug-related deaths at NSW music festivals in 2017 and 2018.


Source: ABC