There aren’t a whole lot of sure bets when it comes to making a track. However, few things can a get crowd more fired up than the iconic voice of Lil Jon. It’s time to get turnt up again as French producer/DJ R-Wan has enlisted the legendary king of crunk himself, as well as French MC Big Ali, for a certified trap banger, “OXY.” Based around a nice trap drum breakdown, some trademark trap horns, and some iconic ad libs from Lil Jon, this track is an undeniable banger, sure to be featured at festival stages all summer long.

The track has a traditional trap opening with the establishing beat and some horn synths, however, with one standout. Once you hear it, you know who it is, “What!!!” The background sounds calm down to the trap clap beat while Lil Jon flows over the beat as only he can “Fuck that, tonight we starting something!” The track builds up and you get a nasty track beat complete with more pitched up horn sounds as well as some hard synth chords thrown in. All the while there’s adlibs from both Jon and Big Ali, with some more trademark “Yeah”s thrown in. Big Ali takes over for the second verse, and his flow is very much in the Fatman Scoop styling with a little bit of Atlanta trap flair; making him a perfect fit on this track.

“OXY” is the second collaboration between R-Wan, Lil Jon and Big Ali following 2016’s “Like A Boss.” Hard to believe, but, Lil Jon has to be one of the most recognizable (and sought after) voices in all of EDM. From his work with rising stars like R-Wan and Skellism to powerhouse producers like DJ Snake and Flosstradamus, Lil Jon continues to leave his mark on the industry. What!!? Yeah!!!

Check out Big Ali x Lil Jon X R-Wan “OXY” out now on BIP Records.