Dillon Francis and Boombox Cartel are dripping with big trap energy, as heard here with their new single “Drip” with Desiigner.

Sometimes when artists team up together, one style inevitable takes over the other — but that’s not the case here. Each artist’s flair is heard loud and clear, as Boombox Cartel takes the wheel with much of the synth work and familiar trap elements. Dillon Francis flexes his expert moombahton flow in the mix and Desiigner moves the track forward with the hook — “drip drip drip” (repeat) and “ice ice ice” (repeat).

EDM has become a melting pot of collaborations with unique blends of artistry, which is so fun to hear in this case. Not only is “Drip” a great standalone single, it’s also a badass DJ tool for others to drop into sets. Expect to hear more of it all summer long!

Listen here and let us know what you think! We love it.

Dillon Francis, Boombox Cartel & Desiigner – Drip


Photo by Olivia Van Rye