Dutch megastar R3HAB has teamed up with the legends of psy-trance, Vini Vici, for a truly unique and fun track, “Alive.” Featuring Pangea & DEGO this track contains layers, it has a cowboy western whistle as the melody, a psy-trance beat for the drop, and a super uplifting vocal track to tie the whole package together. Combining R3HAB’s melodic production with Vini Vici’s rhythmic psy-trance, this song is sure to get crowds moving at any festival. No matter where you hear this track you’ll be left chanting the vocal hook, “I gotta live like I’m never gonna die.”

The track opens with the vocals isolated against some stark piano notes from R3HAB. As the verse continues, the marching drums start to slowly build in the background. From here the song comes to life as the marching drums take over and we get the vocal refrain “Oooooh, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive!” The drop is pure psy-trance and Vini Vici pair the bassline with a rhythmic cowboy western whistle. I’m not going to lie, this immediately made me think of Red Dead Redemption and how you can just spend hours riding around on your horse in the American southwest. This is the soundtrack to that! Every time I hear the drop, it just keeps getting better.

The amazing collab between R3HAB and Vini Vici, “Alive” featuring Pangea & DEGO is out now on R3HAB’s CYB3ERPVNK label. Check out the cool video as well, the sand art compliments the Southwestern vibe of the track.