This past weekend, Seven Lions was unfortunately forced to miss a scheduled set at Moonrise Festival in Maryland. As he’d just been in Montreal the day before (less than a 2 hour flight), fans were curious for the reasoning behind the cancellation.

Today, Seven Lions, real name Jeff Montalvo, hopped into his Facebook fan group to pour his heart out and explain what happened to his fans. More than any of his fans, it seems that Montalvo was the most upset about the cancellation.

“Honestly this was one of the shittyest [sic] days of my life. I take this so seriously and I respect all of you and your time and the hopes you hang on coming to one of my shows. […] I’m probably going to keep off social media for the next few days because I know a lot of people are still really upset and honestly I am as well.”

If anything, this just goes to show how much blood, sweat, and tears that producers like Seven Lions put into their craft. It’s not just pushing buttons for these artists, it’s their life. See his heartfelt message to fans below.


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