Alan Walker was scheduled to play the annual Darkwoods Music Festival in Tijuana, Mexico yesterday but cancelled the set at the last minute. In his announcement to fans, he blamed “significant defects at the venue, and severe production issues beyond our control” for his sudden decision.

“I’m afraid canceling the performance was the only option,” Alan Walker wrote.

However, Darkwoods shared a screenshot of his post on Instagram and wrote a lengthy rebuttal of Walker’s account of the situation.

“We deny any accusations stating we had significant production issues or defects at our venue,” the festival wrote. “On the contrary we have evidence your Private Jet flight from Las Vegas to Tijuana was canceled even before your management team arrived to check the requirements. […] [Your management team] suddenly left our premises without any further explanation and cut every form of communication.”

Darkwoods featured additional performances from Ruben De Ronde, Zomboy, and Valentino Khan, none of whom seemed to share Walker’s depiction of the venue as they all played as scheduled.


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